HELVEX – LIFE Project – 2014 / 2019

The European LIFE project HELVEX is a collaboration between the cross-border park and its partners on both sides of the border (Natuurpunt, Agentschap voor Natuur & Bos and Natuurmonumenten)  and aims at increasing natural values. The project focuses on restoring inland dunes in De Nolse Duinen, pools in Stappersven, Groote Meer and Kleine Meer, and dry and wet heath in the area around Mont Noir. A wet area connecting Steertse Heide in Flanders and Groote Meer in the Netherlands will be created to ensure that species can cross the border again.

- Objectives of the project
- Threats in the project area
- Planned actions
Project partners:


Project co-financers:

The project is funded by LIFE, the European Union’s financial instrument. The Dutch province Noord-Brabant co-finances the project.